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Inoue Naohisa

Well-known contemporary artist Inoue Naohisa is the creator of the world of Iblard, meaning an imaginary world. He is also the background artist for the anime movie Whisper of the Heart produced by Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli. Inoue Naohisa's paint brush created the Iblard world of floating island, the hanging garden, the fantasy landscapes - a world that Iblarder can glide effortlessly. The 68-year-old is the only artist whose artworks were painted on the wall of Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. Hayao Miyazaki adores Inoue Naohisa's artwork that he personally collected them. 

Today, Inoue Naohisa's artworks are displayed in Ghibli Museum, alongside Hayao Miyazaki's drawings. Through his artworks, Inoue Naohisa were involved in the anime production of Whisper of the Heart and The Day I Harvested a Star. If you meet him, Inoue Naohisa come across to be a friendly, humble and chatty person.

About the art of Iblard:

The creative world of Iblard breathe into our senses the echoes of the future past, the serendipitious space and the harmonious perspectives. Many Iblard artworks tell the stories of the past from the distant future. Some also display several space dimensions at a time on standstill. 

Have you ever seen a dimension or landscape that you thought was so beautiful that it was in some ways—out of this world? That could have been a scene from Iblard. It could simply be a futuristic yet dated train or a nourishing tree, anything can open your personal door to Iblard. Or perhaps there is a place you have always dreamed of, a place that does not exist in this world, but which would have been inspiring and fascinating if it did exist. Anything your heart desires can be seen in Iblard and everyone can open their own door to the eternal land unconstrained by time and space. When you see something that you are at peace with, that is your entrance to Iblard. Thus Iblard can in some ways be a mirror reflection of our peace and the trains in Iblard (known as Siema) move according to where we want to go. 

Those who love and believe in Iblard become its citizen and are called Iblarders. Hayao Miyazaki is also an Iblarder. He often speaks of a new way of observing our own world, a way in which we “look through our Iblard eyes”. When looking at things through the eye of an Iblarder, even the huge skyscrapers and millions of train lines become a beautiful scene in Iblard. 

Remember, you too can contribute your imagination to the world of Iblard!

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