About Us

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Why the Contemporary Art Project?

Living in the concrete jungle surrounded electronic subculture, our echoes of imagination, affinity with nature and moments to reconcile with ourselves are becoming distant and small. We believe in taking the moments to reconnect and recollect through Art.  

 “Is someone different at age 18 or 60? I believe one stays the same” – Hayao Miyazaki

With our Gallery opening in Singapore, Polar Bear Gallery represents internationally recognized contemporary and anime artists whose works have contributed to our growing years and to the diversity of contemporary art scene. All our artworks are to the source and original. Our other galleries outside Singapore are located at 798 Art Zone in Beijing and M50 Art District in Shanghai. We have been operating for over ten years and still counting.

Oh wait...didn't we say the Gallery is a happiness project? We believe in giving back and being a custodian to the nature that need to be conserved for our future generation. Our gallery would contribute 10% of our annual income to environmental related bodies that help preserve our nature.

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